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SIY Teacher Training is a 8-month program for individuals at the intersection of mindfulness and business. 

In our program, you’ll learn how to co-teach SIY’s world-renowned training from some of our most experienced teachers. 

You’ll develop expertise in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, and contribute to SIYLI’s mission of helping to achieve world peace through inner peace.

What you'll learn in SIY Teacher Training

SIY Teacher Training identifies and develops exceptional teachers who are dedicated mindfulness practitioners, skilled presenters, and who have business experience to be able to co-teach SIY in workplaces around the world. 

As a participant in our program, you will learn: 

Presenting & Facilitation

Learn and practice teaching skills unique to the SIY program while gaining insight into how to best leverage and integrate your strengths. Learn how to lead all practices and meditations included in SIY with skill and embodied presence. SIY is always taught in tandem; you will also learn the skillful art of co-teaching.

Mastery of SIY Content

SIY is a unique blend of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience that is supported by data and has been optimized at Google over a decade. You will learn the SIY content thoroughly, fully understand the science behind it and acquire a depth of knowledge that goes beyond SIY to be able to elaborate on the material to meet different audiences and needs.


SIY is more than content--it’s an experience. Knowing that experience for yourself first and then learning how to facilitate that for others is a key focus of Teacher Training. The program includes time to further your own mindfulness practice and explore how you show up as a teacher.


SIY Teacher Training is an incredible opportunity to build lifelong relationships with other deep and committed mindfulness practitioners transforming the lives of thousands every year. Graduates who pass certification will also be invited to become active members of the SIY Certified Teacher community to share best practices and more.

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Prerequisites & Outcomes


The SIY Teacher Training program will be led by two of our most experienced teachers who have been a part of SIYLI since its beginnings:

Meg Levie

Meg Levie

Meg Levie, MA, is an executive coach, ordained Zen priest, and master facilitator of the Search Inside Yourself program. She leads SIY teacher trainings and facilitates the program internationally. As an executive coach, she delivers customized trainings for leaders and organizations to help them better meet complex challenges with focus and resilience. 

Simon Moyes

Simon Moyes

Simon specializes in offering the wisdom and practices of mindfulness to people living a modern urban life. He leads SIY teacher trainings and facilitates the program internationally. Simon leads Young Urban Zen, a program in San Francisco which makes these ancient teachings accessible and relevant to a generation of people in their 20's and 30's.

Program Structure & Details

The SIY Teacher Training program begins with pre-work, and is then broken into three individual and consecutive modules, all of which must be completed in order to apply for certification.




Attend a 2-Day SIY Course (Mandatory Prerequisite)

All participants accepted into the Teacher Training program are required to attend our 2-day SIY program prior to attending Teacher Training. This ensures all participants have experienced the SIY program and have the common foundational experience needed to learn how to teach SIY.

Please see this list of 2-day SIY programs that we offer globally, and sign up for one (you will need to sign up for the “SIY” program, and not the “1-day SIY” or “Engage”). 


The cost of the optional 2-day SIY program is $650 USD. This is the average early bird price of our 2-day SIY program 



One month before Session 1 we will send you pre-work consisting of various reading materials, a self-evaluation, journaling prompts, videos and other resources so you can begin your learning journey. Please budget 5-6 hours weekly to complete the pre-work prior to attending Session 1.

Module 1: Learning to Teach SIY

In Module 1, you will attend two in-person sessions and between sessions complete weekly assignments, attend virtual meetings, take an exam and practice teaching.


Session 1

This is an in-person 5-day session that is deeply experiential. The training focuses on our seven principles, the SIY experience and skills, depth of mindfulness practice, all the while conveying what it means to embody the SIY teacher role.

The SIY story arc:

  • How to lead meditations
  • The role of science
  • The role of story
  • How to hold space and answer questions

The session helps you to understand the overall structure and flow of the SIY program and sets you up for success during the interim period before Session 2.


Session 2

This is an in-person 3-day session that is dedicated exclusively to practice teaching, receiving peer feedback, and receiving expert guidance from existing top certified teachers. The goals of this session are to help you become more adept at teaching the SIY program so that it starts to feel natural and prepare you for Module 2. Participants can choose which one of two different locations they’d like to attend for this session.


Interim Period

During this four month period of time you will complete 8-10 hours of weekly homework assignments designed to help you learn to teach and begin making SIY your own. 

Some of the work includes reading books and articles, watching videos, journaling, participating in virtual pod meetings to share learnings and provide mutual support, and practice co-teaching SIY to a low-stakes/safe audience of your choosing. You will also study the SIY content and must pass an SIY content exam prior to attending Session 2. There is a lot to do during this period, so please budget your time accordingly. 

Module 2: Independent Practice & Coaching

In Module 2, you will practice co-teaching SIY. You will also receive virtual feedback from an expert coach. There are no in-person sessions for this module.

*No In-Person Session


Independent Practice

This is an independent practice module with no in-person sessions to attend. You will continue practice co-teaching the entire SIY program a minimum of two times (or more if possible - we strongly encourage this).

Additionally, you will be paired with a coach with whom you will share video clips of you teaching SIY. You will provide a written reflection prior to each coaching Skype call, which supports you to process your experience and tailor the coaching call to what is of most value to you individually. There are two coaching Skype calls, each one is an hour in length, and each call taking place only after you have completed a full day of teaching SIY. If you like, you are free to schedule additional calls with your coach at your own expense.


There are no in-person sessions for this module. You will practice teach independently and have two coaching Skype calls.


Module 2 runs from mid-February, 2018 through May, 2018. You are free to schedule your practice teaching and coaching calls at your convenience, though all of Module 2 must be completed prior to progressing to Module 3.

Module 3: Getting Certified

In Module 3, you will be eligible to apply for SIY Teacher certification from our Certification Panel. There are no in-person sessions in this module.

*No In-Person Session


Submit Your Materials

Once you have completed Modules 1 and 2, you are eligible to submit your materials (including a video recording of you teaching SIY) to the Certification Panel for their review and decision to certify you as an SIY teacher.

The Panel is a separate and independent body from the Teacher Training program and is composed of our top SIY Certified Teachers. Final certification will be based on: Content knowledge, Presentation/Facilitation skills, and Embodiment.


There are no in-person sessions for this module. You will submit your materials electronically to the Certification Panel for their consideration.


The Certification Panel will meet in May 2018 and again in August 2018. This provides you with two opportunities to submit your materials for their consideration during 2018.

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