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Emotional Intelligence for Communities

At SIYLI, our mission has always been to make mindfulness and emotional intelligence practical and accessible, and today, our focus is on supporting those in…

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SIYLI’s New Team Members

We are excited to welcome four new members to our team at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute! As you’ll see below, they each have…

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Guided Meditation: Finding Joy and Gratitude

Enjoy this seven-minute meditation with Grace Edmunds.

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Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for Community-Based Organizations

For this Change-Maker Forum, we welcomed special guest Jenée Johnson, SIYLI advisory board member, Mindful Movement Builder and Founder of The Right Within Experience. In…

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World Kindness Day 2021 Livestream with Jack Kornfield & Rich Fernandez

For our annual celebration of World Kindness Day 2021, we chose to #PracticeKindness, together in a free livestream with meditation teacher Jack Kornfield and SIYLI…

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Peak Mind: Why Your Attention Fuels Your Success

Enjoy a conversation with SIYLI Board member Dr. Amishi Jha at our monthly Change-Maker Forum to explore how attention is key to unlocking peak performance…

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