Commuting with Kindness

How’s your commute? Do live near work and enjoy a quiet walk to the office? Or do deal with crowds on public transportation or jammed roads with rushed drivers? When you get to work, do you feel relaxed from the experience or glad to have survived it?

Angry Woman Driver Shouts
For those with tough commutes, we pose a challenge: to commute with kindness. The premise is simple. Instead of bristling when someone knocks into you on the bus or cuts you off in traffic, wish them well. Smile and send every frenzied commuter on their way with a message of kindness, such as “I hope you reach your destination safely and on time” or “May your day go smoothly and be productive.”

While the premise is simple enough, execution can be tough—at least at first. With a familiar devilish voice on one shoulder (who prompts a host of familiar trigger reactions) and a quieter angel on the other, it’s common to unleash sarcasm and well wishes that aren’t heartfelt. Keep practicing, and observe how many commutes it takes before wishing your fellow commuters good things feels sincere. And, along the way, observe if you […]

Slow (e)Motion

“Tachypsychia” is a neurological condition that distorts the perception of time, appearing to make events slow down or speed up. While we don’t hear often hear the word much in conversation, most of us have experienced it—whether during a traumatic accident or some other stressful moment. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation that felt like it spiraled out of control in a speeding blur or warped into slow motion like a scene from the old television series “The Six Million Dollar Man,” you’ve experienced tachypsychia.

Conceptual image of business woman without head and daily routin

It’s believed that high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine induce tachypsychia. These hormones are what trigger the fight or flight response, our survival mechanism. If we feel attacked or anxious, our heartbeat quickens, blood pressure rises and breathing becomes shallow. Fortunately, the occasions in life where we truly need to react with great intensity are rare these days, so it’s important to be able to control this instinct when it’s not needed, especially in day-to-day interactions that can trigger emotional reactions.

We are not our emotions. With mindfulness practice, you can make a subtle, yet important, shift […]

Overcome Office Setbacks with SIYLI

It's our goal to make your day better with a few helpful tips and tricks so that you can meet every work challenge with confidence and calm. This month, let’s examine how to overcome an office setback.

Learning to Let Go from Eisenhower

General Dwight Eisenhower taught me to let go.

Well, General Eisenhower didn’t personally teach me, but I learned an important lesson about letting go while watching a documentary on the Invasion of Normandy.  After the good general gave the order to invade on June 6, 1944, he realized that the success of the mission was no longer in his own hands.  It was now in the hands of thousands of individual platoon commanders and their troops.  Eisenhower had done all that he could to create the conditions for success, now all he could do was to allow those conditions to come to fruition on their own terms.  From the moment he gave the order, he had no choice but to let go of outcome.

Eisenhower’s insight is one that I hear over and over from many very successful people.  The insight is that success is not often within our own control, especially success on a grand scale.  What is entirely within our own control, however, is creating the conditions for success, and then allowing those conditions to come to fruition on their own terms.  For example, I cannot make people like me, but I can create the conditions favorable for people to […]