You've Seen the Movies, Now Experience the Real Thing

October 22, 2012

At Search Inside Yourself Institute, we believe that knowledge should be shared. That’s why we’re posting seven videos covering our curriculum on our YouTube Channel over the next seven weeks. We hope that this little taste of the SIY classes can help foster mindful practices and happier people.

Though the videos give you a sample of the teachings and practices that make up the backbone of SIYLI, the best way to experience the program is in person.

If you’re interested, you’re in luck! SIYLI is offering a two-day work intensive in San Francisco December 6-7, 2012.

What are the benefits of seeing Marc, Philippe and David in person? First, they’re really charming and handsome (and also pretty great at this mindful stuff). Secondly, SIYLI works best when you’re with a group.

Our curriculum is specifically designed for interaction. You’ll work with groups on mindful exercises, discuss practices and brainstorm for solutions to common work problems. Imagine the power of having not your mind, but dozens of other minds focused on solving a problem.

As you work in groups, you’ll effectively be practicing how to put the SIY teachings into you office life. After the two-day intensive, you’ll be comfortable taking a Mindful Minute at work, you’ll understand how to feel confidence in yourself and increase your productivity by banishing negative thoughts and actions from your work habits.

The best part of the two day intensive is the question and answer session. Imagine what you can learn from the sessions when not only your mind is challenged and expanded by SIY’s curriculum. Many of our alumni  said that the question and answer sessions where the most effective parts of the SIY intensives because they allowed them to truly grasp the concepts and understand them fully.

Whether you want to brush up on your mindful practices, begin your journey to a happier more productive life or just want our autographs; we hope to see you in December!

SIYLI Suggestion: Let us know what you want to ask us when you visit us in San Francisco!