So Grateful for Mindfulness Spreading Worldwide

July 12, 2012

We at SIYLI are so grateful to all of you for helping spread mindfulness, compassion and Meng's mission of creating world peace. 

We hope you will take time to read this piece on Meng and we always want to hear from you on your own journey into mindfulness! 

See an excerpt from this piece: 

"Tan, a Buddhist since 1991, believes emotional intelligence can be trained and built up via meditation techniques. He says in all seriousness that if the techniques of Search Inside Yourself are adopted everywhere, it can create conditions for world peace. While he admits that such goals are lofty and even unrealistic, he seems sincere and un-ironic about his aims. He says: The problem is so important, somebody has to do it. Someone has to fail trying, so that someone might as well be me. 

See full piece here.