Leading with Compassion is SIYLI

November 11, 2012

This week, SIYLI is posting the final video in its Search Inside Yourself course. If you need to catch up on the other videos, view them here. In SIY 103.5, you can learn the secrets of leading effectively with compassion.

It’s common in business to believe that tough leaders get more from their employees. At SIYLI, we’ve discovered that being loved as a leader and being effective as a leader aren’t mutually exclusive properties. In fact, studies have shown that the more loved you are, the harder your employees are willing to work for you.

Let’s watch the video and discuss:

This means that you can actually motivate and lead without cracking a proverbial whip. That’s good news (whips are dangerous). This also means that you have to find a way to navigate the office without being a pushover. Instead of looking at your company as a group of singular people doing separate jobs, you need to view your company as a unit that marches toward a common goal.

So how do you strike the balance between beloved boss and productivity guru? Meng and Marc have a few ideas. Watch the video to find out!

Now that SIY video postings are over, you have the tools you need to be happier and more productive at the office. But if you’re interested in making a bigger change in the world, consider bringing your office to the SIYLI two-day intensive December 6-7. Bring your company out to the intensive for a chance to practice SIYLI exercises, get questions answered and learn how to make your workplace the best it can be. By investing in your company’s wellbeing, you won’t only improve your employees’ moral, you’ll also improve your company’s bottom line too. Happy workers, increased productivity and an improved corporate culture: Good business is SIYLI!

SIYLI Suggestion: Watch the final video and let us know what you think!