Can Everyone Find A Place for Happiness At Work?

May 5, 2012

I believe everyone can be happy at work. 

I used to think otherwise. I had all kinds of stories that played over and over in my mind. I could be happy when I finished this project, when I had better relationships with my co-workers, when I felt more energized essentially when something in the future happened. Everything other than right now was in my awareness. 

Now, I start with this moment; with my feelings, with my awareness, with this breath. I stop and realize. Thoughts are happening, emotions may be present in my body, it is all right now. 

From there, situations arise, ideas about improvements come as well, but they are not determining my state of being. I believe we can all be aware and present at work. We can all stop, reflect and drop into a more centered place. 

I know this is possible for everyone. We may not be there at all times, but we can always come back to it. What do you think? Is this possible for you?