An exciting new chapter for SIYLI

May 5, 2017

My friends,

As SIYLI approaches its 5-year anniversary, we celebrate the past with gratitude and look to the future with excitement. We are grateful for your love and support. Mindfulness has gone mainstream, and wisdom and compassion teachings are beginning to take a center stage in organizations across the world. 

Working together with all of you has enabled Search Inside Yourself (SIY) to reach many thousands of people in more than 120 cities around the world. We couldn’t have done it without you, our supporters, clients, partners, certified teachers, participants, advisors and friends. Thank you. We aspire to reach many millions. We are humbled by but excited about the challenges ahead.
This milestone also brings significant change. Marc Lesser has decided to step down as CEO and is supporting SIYLI as we welcome Rich Fernandez into this role beginning May 8. 

I’m delighted that Marc will stay close to SIYLI as a master-level teacher and consultant. As a co-founder of SIYLI, Marc has been instrumental in building a strong organization that has done amazing work. He has been there right from the beginning, helping design the original SIY at Google. He is also a masterful, beloved teacher. We will miss Marc dearly and will always remain dear friends and partners in spreading wisdom and compassion globally.
Rich and I worked closely together at Google. Rich was the head of executive education at Google, and one of the first SIY teachers. He then went on to co-found Wisdom Labs, a company that has had great success in delivering mindfulness and well-being solutions to executives and organizations. Rich brings nearly two decades of experience working at organizations such as Google, eBay and J.P. Morgan Chase. He inspires me with his deep commitment to practice. 

Our medium-term goal is to massively increase our reach so that hundreds of thousands of people will have taken SIY by 2022. This will require super-linear scaling at a magnitude no organization in our space has attempted before. The Board and all of the SIYLI team are excited to work with Rich in achieving this ambitious goal.

At SIYLI, our vision statement is, “Every leader in the world is wise and compassionate, thus creating the conditions for world peace.” My friends, thank you for working with us to make our vision a reality, and for being part of our community. We would never have gotten this far without you and we need your continued love and support to change the world. 

Please join me in welcoming Rich as he leads our amazingly talented team to massive super-linear growth and towards a world where all leaders are wise and compassionate.

Chade-Meng Tan
Chairman and Co-founder, SIYLI

Headshot of Co-founder and former CEO of SIYLI, Marc Lesser

A few words from Marc:

"Three of our core principles in how we aspire to work together at SIYLI include: Love The Work; Do The Work; Depend on Others. Taking SIYLI from a simple and powerful idea and transforming it into a vibrant community has been a work of love, made possible by the support of countless  others.

It’s been an honor to be part of this amazing organization and community, especially  to see the profound impact our work has had on individuals, companies, and communities.  I have learned and grown beyond what I can conceive and look forward to continue to work together in a new role; with the same love and commitment to this work.

 I’m grateful for everyone’s support."


Headshot of CEO of SIYLI, Rich Fernandez

A few words from Rich:

"I am amazed and inspired by the work that SIYLI is doing to enable mindfulness and compassion for individuals, communities and organizations around the world.

It is a pivotal time, as we look to scale and sustain the skills and tools SIYLI has to offer in a world which needs these practices now more than ever. I am so happy to be joining with you all as we continue the work - by deepening our own practices and nurturing and growing our thriving SIYLI community."