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Search Inside Yourself in Toronto!

Search Inside Yourself is a program that teaches tools for focus, self-awareness, and resilience, so people can create a better world for themselves and others.

March 25 — 26  |  8:30am - 5:00pm
Chelsea Hotel
33 Gerrard Street West
Toronto, Canada
Program Language:  English

Join the emerging movement of companies integrating evidence-based mindfulness in their workplaces.

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Emotional Intelligence

Workplace studies prove that emotional competencies enhance performance, leadership effectiveness, and wellbeing.

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Attention is the fundamental energy of the mind. How we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience.

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Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner factors of growth: self-awareness, self-management, and emotional skills.

The SIY program includes:

Join us for a highly interactive 2-day program followed by a 4-week online journey as we explore mindfulness and emotional intelligence for inspiring wellbeing, collaboration and high performance.

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Live Training

(2 days)
Introduction to neuroscience, mindfulness and the five emotional intelligence capacities.
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Virtual Practice

(4 weeks)
Weekly exercises and resources, delivered by email.
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(1 hour)
Reconnect with your teachers and group to review and set a plan for continuation.

Your Facilitators:

Mary Ellen Sanajko

Mary Ellen Sanajko

She has an especially soft spot for her work with Seniors Care organizations across North America.

Mary Ellen started her meditation practice several years ago when her full 20th century life led to undiagnosed illnesses. From her own experiences of the immeasurable benefits personally and professionally, she supports her clients to expand their capacity to mindfully lead and inspire, and create workplaces of joy, meaning and connection.

John Windisman

John Windisman

John is an experienced Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence teacher specializing in bringing skills development programs into organizations in order to ignite success while developing both personal and professional well-being.   

John has been teaching Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Effective Communication, Stress Reduction, Building and Motivating Teams and Understanding Customer’s Needs programs for more than 10 years.  He is the founder of and loves researching and producing content on a regular basis in order to stay current.

As the former owner of his own retail store chain John has learned the importance of being present, aware and compassionate both in his own life and in the workplace.  John has first-hand experience working for both start-ups and large enterprise corporations and understands their unique challenges. John brings a practical approach to all the programs he teaches.

John has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Waterloo as well as an Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certification from the University of Toronto.

Priscilla Cruz

Priscilla Cruz

**Priscilla Cruz **is the first SIY Certified Teacher in Montreal. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)\, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture\, and a Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Priscilla has an extensive background and personal commitment to embodying mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills.  After 15 years of working for world-class enterprises\, she teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the context of leadership and culture development.

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I think anybody can benefit from this program in many different ways. I want my colleagues to take it, my family to take it – I would highly recommend it.
Rebecca Zucker, 2016