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Search Inside Yourself Comes to Budapest!

Search Inside Yourself is a program that teaches tools for focus, self-awareness, and resilience, so people can create a better world for themselves and others.

May 16 — 17  |  9:00am - 5:00pm
Continental Hotel Budapest
Budapest, Hungary
Program Language:  English & Hungarian

Join the emerging movement of companies integrating evidence-based mindfulness in their workplaces.

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Emotional Intelligence

Workplace studies prove that emotional competencies enhance performance, leadership effectiveness, and wellbeing.

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Attention is the fundamental energy of the mind. How we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience.

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Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner factors of growth: self-awareness, self-management, and emotional skills.

The SIY program includes:

Join us for a highly interactive 2-day program followed by a 4-week online journey as we explore mindfulness and emotional intelligence for inspiring wellbeing, collaboration and high performance.

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Live Training

(2 days)
Introduction to neuroscience, mindfulness and the five emotional intelligence capacities.
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Virtual Practice

(4 weeks)
Weekly exercises and resources, delivered by email.
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(1 hour)
Learn strategies for sustained practice and reconnect with SIY alumni.

Search Inside Yourself is now approved by the International Coaching Federation. Coaches receive 13.5 Continuing Coaching Education credits when attending SIY!

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Your Facilitators:

Angelika von der Assen

Angelika von der Assen

Angelika is passionate for enabling leaders to master the challenges of today dynamic and complex organizations by training them to be emotionally intelligent through mindfulness practices backed by science. Besides her role as Head of Management Development at Switzerland biggest energy supplier, she is excited to offer SIY to leading businesses worldwide as an independent consultant. Clients say she is a trusted coach and sparring partner to her participants of all management levels. She has a proven record in customized design and delivery of high-impact corporate leadership programs.

Ibrahim Bokharouss

Ibrahim Bokharouss

Ibrahim works on the Product team of SIYLI, exploring and devising new ways of helping SIY participants sustain their journey, while combining that with facilitating SIY in-company and public programs.

Growing up in a Dutch-Moroccan home of two clashing world-views, Ibrahim has always been intrigued by the universality of our human experience. What initially was explored through extensive traveling and sharing close life with people across religions and continents, became explored from within when he rediscovered tools of mindfulness and compassion in a SIY program back in 2009. At that time he worked at Google as an engineer while also teaching engineering skills to underprivileged youth in developing countries. SIY sparked him into a gradual journey of insights into the experience of the self and the whole, accumulating into a realignment of both his engineering and teaching role, initiating mindfulness engineering projects at Google while teaching Yoga and SIY programs across places. Ibrahim has joined SIYLI to take this alignment a notch up, working with the product team to make tools of mindfulness and compassion both accessible and sustainable across layers of our human experience.

Across the means of engineering, teaching, and storytelling, Ibrahim derives joy from creating meaningful and playful experiences enabling us to thrive as individuals, and through that, us as a whole.

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I think anybody can benefit from this program in many different ways. I want my colleagues to take it, my family to take it – I would highly recommend it.
Rebecca Zucker, 2016