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We are excited to offer our Search Inside Yourself teacher certification program designed exclusively for individuals who want to teach and scale emotional intelligence, mindfulness and effective leadership inside their organizations. 

Build a future-ready and thriving organization by making the skills taught in the Search Inside Yourself program a core part of your learning, development and well-being strategies.

Program Overview

The Search Inside Yourself Organizational Teacher Certification is a 6-month program that trains employees inside an organization to become certified to teach the renowned Search Inside Yourself program.

Originally developed at Google, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is an emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership curriculum based on neuroscience. It has been taught in hundreds of organizations around the world, helping to improve skills such as stress management, resilience, empathy, effective leadership and more. Learn about Search Inside Yourself and the results the program has had on thousands of participants. 

Train a group of employees to learn the tools, resources, practices and knowledge required to teach Search Inside Yourself inside your organization, effectively and at scale. 

Build the skills needed to navigate a new world.

Facing ongoing uncertainty, high levels of stress, macroeconomic conditions, trends around automation, the shift to remote working, talent retention demands, high competitive pressure and many other business challenges, the need for core human skills at work is more important than ever before. Emotional intelligence, mindfulness and effective leadership help to build future-ready cultures that can thrive through ambiguity and change. 

Who is this program for?

Organizations: This program supports organizations that want to develop emotional intelligence, leadership and mindfulness skills for their employees. Organizations from across sectors and geographies, from tech companies and large multinationals, to government agencies, to local community organizations are welcome to apply. 

Participants:  The SIY Organizational Teacher Certification has been designed for employees who are interested in becoming certified to teach emotional intelligence, mindfulness and effective leadership inside their organization. 

One person or a group of people from each organization can apply to participate. We recommend having two to five participants as the SIY program is co-taught by two teachers. Participants can be from any part of the organization: from an internal coach, an L&D trainer to a manager or independent contributor from any function. 

Seats are limited. This will be an intimate cohort to support participant’s learning and organizational implementation. 

Organizations: Benefits & Outcomes

By participating in the SIY Organizational Teacher Certification, your organization will gain:

  • Internal training expertise: Teaching Search Inside Yourself through an organization's own employees is even more impactful when the facilitators know your culture and can make the connection between how the frameworks and tools taught can be applied to your organization’s context, including its mission, challenges, resources and values. 
  • Training flexibility: Search Inside Yourself can be taught to employees at all levels: as an open-enrollment skill-building and well-being programs, as part of a leadership journey, and to cultivate high-performing teams. 
  • Access to the our educational platform: SIYLI's proprietary platform helps trainers to easily manage assessments, reports, participant resources, program-related emails and many more activities that make programs easier to manage and faster to scale. 
  • Expansion know-how: In addition to becoming trained to learn how to teach SIY, trained teachers will learn about best practices to expand the program across regions and functions, leveraging the operational expertise and best practices from SAP's internal program, which has reached 9,000 global employees with an ROI of 200%. 
  • Customizable toolkits: With ready-to-launch and easily tailored initiatives that support bringing mindfulness, emotional intelligence and effective leadership to your whole organization, including: leading mindful meetings, hosting mindfulness practice groups, facilitating intro sessions and interactive sessions for team offsites.
  • Ability to run SIY programs at scale, at a cost-effective rate: Training employees is an efficient way to bring the program to your organization. Building internal know-how allows for increased savings and flexibility to run and scale SIY. 

Companies like SAP have successfully scaled SIY, starting with just one internal teacher and has brought to more than 11,000 SAP employees, resulting in a  200% ROI.

Participants: Benefits & Outcomes

As a participant of the program you will: 

  • Master SIY content: Learn SIY’s unique blend of neuroscience-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence, supported by data. Developed at Google, SIY has been taught to tens of thousands of people around the world in over 100 cities. Participants have told us for more than a decade that SIY is life-changing. 
  • Grow your presentation & facilitation skills: Gain insight into your teaching strengths and areas of growth. Learn how to lead with your authentic embodied presence. 
  • Develop personally: Experience the depth of SIY practices for yourself, preparing you to facilitate this experience for others. The training emphasizes your own mindfulness practice, embodiment and how you show up as a teacher.
  • Gain access to a global community: You will be invited to join a community of like-minded individuals who work inside organizations across sectors and regions, receiving additional support, regular program updates, the opportunity to learn from peers and to build lifelong friendships with other deeply committed practitioners working to transform the lives of others. 

Program Structure

The program consists of three live, online sessions of 3-5 half-days each, with a self-paced learning in-between. The learning period entails an average of five hours per week to commit to different practices, group meetings, readings, and assignments.

The three live sessions will span 6-months, beginning mid-2021 through the end of the year. Exact dates & times coming soon! Please sign up for the email list below to be the first to be notified of details. 

Investment & Application Details

We encourage you to apply early and to consider sending a group of 2-5 people from your organization to participate to enable co-teaching and take advantage of discounted tuition. All prices in USD. 

Early Bird Price: $10,000 apply before December 31, 2020.

Standard Price: apply between Jan 1, 2021- May 15, 2021:

  • For 1 person: $12,000
  • For 2 people or more people from the same organization: $10,000 each

Payment plans are available.

Ongoing Investment:

Once you or your employee is certified, there is a licensing fee for delivering the SIY program within your organization: $150 per person, capped at $5,000 USD per program (e.g. if your program has more than 33 people, the fee remains $5,000).

What participants have shared about SIYLI's teacher training program:

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