Joy on Demand

Based on the The New York Times bestselling book "Joy on Demand" by Chade-Meng Tan, the Joy on Demand program will help teach you the habits for a joyful life. Join us this Fall!

Why Joy?

Less stress, more happiness

Connect with others better

Be more flexible and creative

Help others be happy

What You’ll Learn

  • “Joy Micro-practices”: bite-sized mental habits you can use throughout the day for more joy and less stress.
  • The science and art of calming the mind for greater focus and mental clarity
  • How to hardwire healthy habits that incline the mind towards happiness
  • Tools & mindsets for resilience, compassion, and courage
  • Counterintuitive findings on sustaining happiness and working with stress
  • Four practices for alleviating emotional pain
  • How to bring more joy and ease to relationships

This one-day program will be:

  • Highly interactive and experiential with 15 different exercises
  • Held in an environment of authenticity and trust, providing an opportunity for you to work with your greatest challenges
  • Fun and accessible, backed by rigorous science and practical applications


You will also receive follow-up practices and resources to help you build new habits to bring more joy into your daily life.

Programs Starting Fall 2016

Locations Programs Date Registration
Los Angeles Joy on Demand December 11 Register

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Joy on Demand is about cultivating sustainable joy and wellbeing in your life, including how to work with painful emotions and difficult relationships. If you’re a human being with emotions who wants to be happy, Joy On Demand is for you.

Search Inside Yourself is about understanding yourself, your emotions, and your mind. It’s usually taken by professionals who want to improve their emotional intelligence and how they work, lead, and thrive (plus, have a potentially life-changing experience to boot).

Here are two examples:

First, learning to calm the mind. One of the surprising points we explore in Joy on Demand is that when the mind is calm and focused, joy is a natural result. In our hyper-connected, always-on world, this kind of skill is more important than ever. And yet, it’s a mental capacity that most of us never learned in school.

Second, training in a new emotional response to emotional pain, ‘compassion.’ According to researchers at Stanford University, compassion is a trainable mental capacity that has been found to reduce anxiety, improve happiness, reduce stress in challenging social situations, and help us feel more connected in our relationships. Joy On Demand works step-by-step to train this capacity, showing how it is both practical and useful.

We’re not sure! These programs are a special event coming alongside the release of the book Joy On Demand. Check back for more (or sign up with your email to be notified).
No, that’s unrealistic. And would be kind of weird. However, we can radically change how we relate to emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant. The skills to develop joy are much more accessible than most people realize. For example, research has found that even a few minutes per day of some of the mindfulness-based practices taught in Joy on Demand lead to greater wellbeing, less emotional exhaustion, fewer physical symptoms of stress like headaches, and greater ease and calm in emotionally challenging situations.


“With Meng’s new book, joy is about to go viral. These simple, delightful instructions make it as easy to experience–and share–as it could possibly be.”
Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube
“With Joy on Demand, Meng continues to further his goal of promoting a better life grounded in happiness for his fellow human beings. I commend his efforts to build a better world with humor, persistence, and meditation.”
Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States
“Unlike many books, Joy On Demand delivers on the promise of its title. Let Meng teach you the simple yet powerful skill of meditation — and happiness and success can be a mere breath away. Along with joy, you’ll find calm, clarity, and creativity through discipline of the mind. What do you have to lose?”
Dan Pink, Author of To Sell Is Human and Drive
“A formidable articulation of what it means to cultivate mindfulness in all its dimensionalities, and why it is worth persevering with both effort and effortlessly. Meng’s logic and clarity are inspiring, infectious, and transformative.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Founder of MBSR, Author of Full Catastrophe Living and Coming to Our Senses
“In this book, Meng helped me to see that joy isn’t just an emotion, but it’s also an action. By tapping into the joy that is deep inside all of us, we gain access to the foundational building blocks of creating a happy life.”
Chip Conley, Bestselling author of Emotional Equations and Hospitality Entrepreneur
“Joy on Demand reminds us that we all have a seed of joy inside of us. This book will tickle that special place in you that will ignite more happiness in your heart.”
Goldie Hawn, Academy award-winning actress, producer, and bestselling author