Disney 8-Week Challenge: Week 0 (February 15 - 18)

The Journey Continues...   

Next Monday, you will begin the 8-Week Challenge, which is designed to give you the tools and structure that will enable you to build a regular mindfulness practice. The 2-day program that you just completed is just the beginning of the journey - the real learning comes from applying the content and establishing a habit of mindfulness practice so that it becomes a natural part of how you engage with the world day-to-day.

Over the next 4 days, we'll provide a short, daily guided meditation (or "Dedicated Practice") to help you start getting used to practicing each day. Then, starting on Monday, we'll begin the full 8-week experience with dedicated and integrated practices, plus reflection and journaling questions.

All you need to do is to check in each day and practice. Some days we'll provide a specific practice to try, other days you'll be able to choose which practice feels right for you that day.

Below are the practices for Week 0, Enjoy!  
Day 1  -  Day 2  -  Day 3  -  Day 4

Week 0 - Day 1  (Thursday, February 15th)

Dedicated Practice: Simply Stopping

Week 0 - Day 2  (Friday, February 16th)

Dedicated Practice: Three Mindful Breaths 

Week 0 - Day 3  (Saturday, February 17th)

Dedicated Practice: Simply Pausing 

Week 0 - Day 4  (Sunday, February 18th)

Dedicated Practice: Gratitude