The SIYLI Course Has Started. Have You Done Your Homework?

octubre 8, 2012

Let’s just get this out of the way now: There won’t be a quiz at the end of this blog. At Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, we know that you don’t need to pass a test to reap the benefits of mindfulness. Last week we posted our first of seven videos, hopping to spread the SIYLI word far and wide. If you missed our first video, SIY 101, you can catch up here.

This week, we’ve posted the second video in the SIYLI curriculum. SIY 102 focuses on how to develop and maintain mindfulness. Meng discusses  exercises that will strengthen your mindfulness. How will this brain training help you?

Being comfortable and alert is the key to mindful practices. Being a dog is optional.

Studies have shown that a calm clear mind fosters happiness and joy.   This means that once you’ve mastered your mindful practices, you’ll be able to experience life on a fuller, richer scale.

But happiness isn’t the only benefit of mindful meditation, an alert, yet serene mind is also a fantastic boon in the business world. Imagine a typical stressful scenario at work. Let’s say a deadline is approaching and you are feeling rushed.

Often, people react to stress with panic, which takes up valuable time and puts a strain on mind and body.  What if you choose mindfulness instead? Take a moment to acknowledge your stress (ie: This report is due in 20 minutes and I feel anxious about completing it).  Take one more moment to focus on your breathing and clear your mind. Now you can continue your work  free from the panic that would have hampered your progress.

Phillipe, SIYLI’s expert scientist, will also outline the importance of mindfulness in not only our mental health, but in our physical health too. Consider the possibility that with only a few minutes of mindfulness each day, you’ll not only be more joyful at work, but you’ll take less sick days too. The person sitting next to you at the office (the one that always catches colds) is thanking you already!

SIYLI Suggestion: Your homework this week is simply focus on your breathing and concentrate on calming your mind. That’s not too bad, we’re pretty sure you would have spent the week breathing anyway