Is Mindfulness Something Ordinary or Something Special?

julio 15, 2015
Last month, SIYLI was a proud sponsor of Wisdom 2.0 Asia, which took place in Singapore to address one of the great challenges of the age: to connect with one another through technology in ways that are beneficial to our well-being, productive to our work and useful to the world. SIYLI founder Chade-Meng Tan cohosted the conference, and SIYLI CEO Marc Lesser SIYLI’s CEO spoke at the gathering.
At Wisdom 2.0, Mind Body Advisor interviewed a few of the many experts, asking them to debunk myths about mindfulness.

Among these experts (which included Rich Fernandez, co-founder of Wisdom Labs; Bill Duane, the superintendent of well-being and sustainable performance learning at Google; and Daniel Siegel, the executive director of Mindsight Institute), SIYLI CEO Marc Lesser addressed two important, yet subtle, myths:

Myth 1Mindfulness is something special. No, actually, it’s just “the simple practice of being a human being.” It’s the essence of who we are at the core or ourselves.

Myth 2Mindfulness is nothing special. No, it’s quite the opposite because we are amazing creatures who take ourselves for granted.

This is the paradox of mindfulness—it’s simultaneously ordinary and special.
To your health and success,SIYLI