Having Fun For A Living

junio 28, 2012

Alignment means aligning our work with our values and higher purpose. Half jokingly, I think of alignment as finding a way to never have to work again for the rest of your life and still get paid. 

The secret is to create a situation in which your work is something you do for fun, so you are doing it for your own entertainment anyway and somebody just happens to pay you for it (and since you are nice to them, you do not want to say no to their money.) I know of many successful and highly productive people in this situation. Warren Buffett is a famous example, still working and having fun at work in his eighties. Most of the best engineers I have worked with write code as a hobby, so they really just come to the office to hobby away and get paid.

How do you determine work of this nature? It has at least one of these two qualities, very often both:

1. The work is deeply meaningful to you.

2. It generates a state of flow in you

This is, of course, in perfect alignment with Tony Hsieh's pleasure, passion and higher purpose framework.

Where do you find your flow?