Going Back to School is SIYLI

octubre 10, 2012

It's often said that learning is a lifelong journey. At Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, we believe that learning isn't only a journey, it's a joy. That's why we're offering you a peak at SIYLI's groundbreaking curriculum.

At SIYLI, we believe that mindful and conscientious business practices are the key not only to business success and happiness, but the foundation for world peace (it may even help you build a better mousetrap, but we haven't tested that theory yet).

Because world peace is something that should be shared instead of sold, we at SIYLI are going to do something amazing: We're going to give you the course! Because of some scheduling conflicts, Meng can't visit every home in the world to teach Search Inside Yourself. Instead, we're posting seven videos î one a week î on our YouTube Channel, which cover the basic concepts of our curriculum. They explore how mindful practices can benefit you both at work and at home.

Enough build up! What's in the video?

This week, we offer you SIY 101. In our 32-minute video you'll get to meet our Jolly Good Fellow and founder, Chade-Meng Tan, and Dr. Philippe Goldin, our research scientist who backs up our concepts with neuroscience studies. In the first video we lay the groundwork for mindfulness and discuss developing emotional intelligence.

Meng will keep you mindful

Meng and Philippe define emotional intelligence and demonstrate how mindful practices not only make you a happier, more effective worker, but also actually change your brain for the better.

Why is emotional intelligence the foundation for world peace and better business? Because with emotional intelligence and mindful practices, we can be better leaders, more effective workers and happier people. That doesn't sound so bad does it?

How do you develop your emotional intelligence? Practice makes perfect. Meng and Philippe outline some simple ways to develop your mindfulness and train your attention. Learn how to focus your attention, label your emotions and take a mindful minute.

At SIYLI, we know that everyone can't come to our workshops, but we don't believe that should stop us from spreading our message to the world. Do you have 32 minutes? Make the time to change your mind.

SIYLI Suggestion: This week, view SIY 101. Do you have any questions? Fantastic! Ask them on Google+, Twitter or Facebook and we'll all learn together.