Finding Motivation Is SIYLI

octubre 10, 2012

Today, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute shares its fifth video in the SIY curriculum. If you want to catch up on the videos so far, you can catch SIY 101, SIY 102, SIY 103.1 and SIY 103.2 on the SIYLI YouTube Channel.

This week, we discuss the importance of motivation. While those posters with slogans underneath them are great, we've found that the secret to finding excellent motivation is to Search Inside Yourself — you knew we had to say it sometime!

It turns out that you are the best source of motivation for you. Meng discusses the components of self motivation: alignment, visualization and resilience.

Why is self-motivation so important to your working life? Imagine that you're tasked with a job at work that you don't want to do. You can either grudgingly complete it, or apply some mindfulness to make the job more enjoyable.

Before you start the task, take a moment to consider what you really want in life, exploring your values and what you want out of life. Find out what your strengths are. Do you motivate people well? Perhaps you're a good communicator? Maybe you're an excellent researcher or writer. When you find out what your best traits are, you can think of a way to use them.

Next, consider what you want out of your job: Whether it's to have a positive impact on others, to develop skills or maybe to get a promotion. Think about who will benefit from this task. Are you writing a report that could save the company money? Maybe preparing a presentation that will allow business sections work better together? Whatever your task, really consider who your work will affect and how you can enrich their jobs by doing your best.

Finally, think about your strengths again and how you can use them to complete your task. Perhaps you can use your excellent writing skills to make a seemingly boring report more fun to read.

Once you know what you want, you're ready to go out and get it. When you work on a job with your values and your goals in mind you'll have a sense of purpose and focus. Not only will your attitude change, but you'll be amazed how quickly you'll accomplish your goal.

And the best part about Mindful Motivation: You'll find that you're happier doing your job when you have a goal in mind. When you motivate yourself, you'll be able to enjoy work and accomplish more.

Sound like a better business model? We think so.

SIYLI Suggestion: Watch SIY 103.3 and let us know what you think!