Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training

Our next training will start in September and will be our last one for at least the next year or so. If you’ve ever wanted to become a Search Inside Yourself certified teacher, now’s your chance! The application deadline is August 5th. 

Join our global community of certified teachers and bring more mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership and compassion to the world. 


SIY is more than content - it’s an experience. Knowing that experience for yourself first and then learning how to facilitate that for others is a key focus of Teacher Training. The program includes time to further your own mindfulness practice and explore how you show up as a teacher.

Mastery of SIY Content

SIY is a unique blend of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience that is supported by data. You will learn the SIY content thoroughly, fully understand the science behind it and acquire a depth of knowledge that goes beyond SIY to be able to elaborate on the material to meet different audiences and needs.

Presenting & Facilitation

Learn and practice teaching skills unique to the SIY program while gaining insight into how to best leverage and integrate your strengths. Learn how to lead all practices and meditations included in SIY with skill and embodied presence. SIY is always taught in tandem; you will also learn the skillful art of co-teaching.


SIY Teacher Training is an incredible opportunity to build lifelong relationships with other deep and committed mindfulness practitioners transforming the lives of thousands every year. Graduates who pass certification will also be invited to become active members of the SIY Certified Teacher community to share best practices and more.

Prerequisites & Outcomes

Program Structure & Details

The SIY Teacher Training program consists of six modules, all of which must be completed in order to apply for certification.

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