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Search Inside Yourself was developed inside Google. Now, it’s available to everyone. Looking to sustain excellent performance or tap into outstanding collaboration? We help people develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve resilience. As a result, people from all walks of life are gaining better self-awareness, improving communication skills and leading with compassion. It all adds up to a greater well-being and happiness.

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Feedback from over 300 SIY participants shows dramatic results.

Felt a better ability to reduce stress.
Reported better clarity of mind.
Noticed enhanced connection to others.

Search Inside Yourself is now approved by the International Coaching Federation. Coaches receive 12.33 Continuing Coaching Education credits when attending SIY!

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Practical and inspiring program with easy-to-use tools and ideas. Through the process, I gained useful insights and awareness that surprised, amazed and moved me.
Jenny Fisher
Allen-Fisher P/L