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SIYLI partners with organizations of all sizes and sectors to develop a workplace that’s more effective, collaborative and inclusive. We help you train leaders and employees to better understand themselves and work well with others—essential tools for productivity and happiness. As clients and partners can confirm, happier employees create better workplace ecosystems, which leads to improved productivity.

You're in good company.

Organizations look to Search Inside Yourself to help employees:

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Reduce stress and experience greater overall well-being.

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Increase creativity and innovation.

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Improve communication and collaboration skills.

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Develop outstanding leadership.

Program Options

SIYLI works with you to figure out the best fit for your organization and can create custom solutions.

The Search Inside Yourself Program

The program originally developed at Google, Search Inside Yourself is a highly interactive two-day program followed by a four-week online journey. It explores mindfulness and emotional intelligence for inspiring well-being, collaboration, high performance and leadership.

Introductory Programs

These inspiring and interactive introductory talks, either in a keynote or ½-day format, give a practical and experiential introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Sustainment Programs

Continue to integrate the tools and learnings from SIY, deepening the benefits of the program, while gaining shared experiences and peer support over time.

Train the Trainer

We train your team to deliver the SIY program to improve your organization’s focus, collaboration, and leadership at scale. Employees are trained to teach the SIY program and integrate mindfulness into your organization's culture.


We work with any level of employee—from executives to recent grads.

Executive & Leadership Development Programs

Set the organizational culture. Train compassion and effectiveness for the next generation of leaders.


Enhance communication, cohesion and effectiveness.

Employee Wellness

Give employees tools to manage stress and become more engaged at work.

Compassionate Burnout

For industries or organizations where employees experience empathetic burnout, we train tools for self-care and emotional resilience. 

I had my extended team participate in the SIY program and I found it so useful that my leadership team is now participating... it has inspired me and my team to find the most productive way to work and create positive change. Every day I think about something I have learned or talked about in the program.
Adam Berlew
VP Global Marketing Content & Campaigns Equinix

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