Community Project Proposals

Community Project Proposal Form

Thank you for sharing your Community project with us. We're very excited to hear your ideas!

At this phase in our work we are looking to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the various types of projects that could be pursued. In order for SIYLI to consider your idea, your proposal must meet the following criteria:

    1 - The SIY training must be for a non-profit and/or for the community (or specific slice of community) that the non-profit serves.
    2 - One of the driving principles of our Community projects is make SIY more widely accessible. The individuals you propose receive the SIY program ideally are those who would not be able to attend one of our standard global Public Programs, either because they do not reside in or near a major metropolitan area and/or because they are unable to afford the cost to attend a Public Program.  

 - The proposal must articulate a vision for how the SIY training helps to improve and directly supports enduring change, both at the individual and systemic levels. Our desire is to support long term change rather than offer a single SIY program providing temporary improvement. 
    4 - The non-profit, and the community they serve, should have an existing interest in SIY specifically, or the outcomes associated with SIY (i.e. enhancing the skills of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence and experiencing their many benefits such as lower stress, improved resilience, greater compassion, enhanced leadership). It is critical that the non-profit value and has a desire to continue developing these attributes and outcomes within their organization and the community they serve. 
    5 - Tangible ideas for how to fund this proposal. SIYLI continues to develop funding partners in order to support our Community projects. However at this time our roster of donor partners, and the types of projects they wish to support, is limited. 

While we carefully consider each and every proposal, not all proposals will be selected. For those proposals that are selected, work can be initiated only once an appropriate donor partner has committed to financially support the project.

We encourage you to propose creative and innovative ideas! Please complete the form below and hit submit. 


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Please provide the contact information for the non-profit/community for which you are proposing a Community SIY project. If you have it, please add the main internal contact at the organization as well.


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