Community Projects

SIYLI's Community projects are collaborations with high leverage partners designed to increase access to our trainings within communities experiencing systemic and/or acute suffering and who may not be able to attend SIY for price or geographical considerations.

We work with community-based organizations, non-profits, global entities, governments, foundations, individual donors and other partners with established track records and whom are focused on long-term, enduring change.

We believe our Community work is vitally important because the skills developed in SIY are human-centered skills that widely beneficial and because these skills are needed in our world now more than ever.

SIYLI is actively seeking to build new partnerships and cultivate new Community projects. We'd love to hear your proposals!

San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH)

SFDPH provides the foundation of health for residents of San Francisco and offers a variety important services, including a complete system of care consisting of hospitals and primary care centers, as well as health protection and promotion, disease and injury prevention, disaster preparedness and response, and environmental health services. SFDPH employees are on the frontlines of all dimensions of health and wellness for San Francisco. 

SIYLI is honored to partner with SFDPH. Our SIY program is currently being taught within SFDPH by two employees. In 2020, we are training 16 more employees to become SIY internal teachers, providing the teaching capacity to scale delivery of SIY across the department's 9,000 employees.

Parkland, Florida

SIYLI was invited by Parkland community organizers to deliver SIY to a cross section of 150 community members in October, 2019. The intention of the SIY program was to provide practical and accessible tools and resources to develop the skills of resilience, self-awareness, self-compassion and everyday leadership. 

The program was well received and we are building on that success  by partnering with the Circle of Brotherhood to offer SIY to their organization and community members. Pending identifying funds, we are partnering to offer the SIY Train the Trainer program so that 16 Circle of Brotherhood members can teach SIY more widely throughout the Liberty City neighborhood, and to their clients, which include the Miami and Miami-Dade Police Departments. 

The Nation of Bhutan

From 2018 through 2020, SIYLI conducted two Train the Trainer programs in Bhutan for all 10 of the government Ministries. Over 165 civil servants are SIY internal teachers and thus far have delivered the SIY training to 10,000 of the 28,000 Bhutan civil servants. The remaining 18,000 will attend SIY during 2020. 

Bhutan will be the first nation to have trained all of their civil servants in mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Additionally, SIY is now mandatory training for all new civil servants, mandatory training upon retiring from the civil service, and will soon be offered at a number of universities, medical schools and government executive academies.

Flint, Michigan

SIYLI was invited by the Crim Fitness Foundation to teach SIY in May, 2019 to a cross section of 125 Flint, Michigan community leaders. The intention was to convey the skills of SIY to the participants, and importantly to secure their support of mindfulness more broadly in the Flint community. The event culminated in Flint being named one of the first Mindful Cities in America by the Foundation for a Mindful Society

Since then SIYLI and the Crim Fitness Foundation have launched our Train the Trainer program and will grow the Flint communities number of SIY teachers from 2 to 18, with a focus on delivering SIY broadly throughout the Flint community. The teacher training is taking place in 2020, with SIY programs already being offered by Crim to the residents of Flint and Genesee County. 

SIYLI is actively seeking to build new partnerships and cultivate new Community projects. We'd love to hear your proposals!