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The Quiet Work of Awareness

In cultivating stillness and presence there arises from within a deep knowing or understanding of what is true and good. Insight derived in this way – from a deep state of presence – can be of the highest benefit to ourselves and others.

Five 3 Minute Meditations

Want a quick meditation that you can use on the go? Here are five meditations that take only 3 minutes.

Keeping a Consistent Meditation Practice

Consistency is what really makes a meditation practice work. It's far more powerful to meditate 10 minutes a day than to meditate for 60 minutes once a week. How do you build a consistent practice?

Mindfulness and Negative Emotions

Anger. Fear. Stress. Guilt. Negative emotions are a part of life. We can't avoid them, but we can choose how we respond to them. Fortunately, it turns out that how we respond to them plays a big part in determining how these emotions impact our lives.