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How to Transform the Mind of a Team (or a System)

What would a workplace look like if there were a critical mass of self-awareness and compassion?

The benefits of mindfulness for individuals is now pretty well established. The simple practice of bringing attention peacefully to the present moment seems to help our minds undo the many pains and confusions that come from rumination, distraction and the type of overall disgruntled thinking that we all seem so prone to.

But if mindfulness helps us let go of our individual bad habits and live with greater flow and ease, could it help a whole team let go of typical team dysfunctions and work with greater flow?

Thinking bigger, could it even change the way a whole organization or system learns, adapts and transforms itself?

There’s promising reason to think the answer may be yes.

The secret is, we’re all human

That answer starts with a fascinating character named Dr. Otto Scharmer, senior lecturer in organizational development at MIT, and one of the first people to bridge the inner world of mindfulness with the challenges of team creativity and systems change.  A protege of legendary MIT systems-thinking founder Peter Senge, Scharmer has tested a new model for transformation and innovation in businesses, government and cross-sector collaborations.

The Scharmer’s […]

5 Tips for a Deeper Meditation Practice

Want to dive deeper into your meditation practice? In this blog post, we’ll talk about five different ways to take your meditation practice deeper and further.

“The Tribe Bringing Mindfulness to the World” – A Personal Account of SIYLI's Teacher Certification Program, Expand

Laurie Cameron

By Laurie Cameron

I am half-way through the year-long mastery program to become a certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher.  I have been teaching executives and practicing mindfulness for two decades, so a number people in my life were surprised when I applied to join the first cohort of SIYLI teachers.   But I had a strong pull coming from that place of inner wisdom we all have – and I knew that the SIYLI experience was going to integrate well in my ongoing work.

Three Elements of the Journey

  1. The Tribe

When I walked into the serene yet buzzing room at Hotel Kabuki on the first day of session one, I could immediately tell I was home.  There was a gentleness in the smiles that greeted me near the breakfast buffet. A combination of anticipation, curiosity, depth, confidence and humility emanated from the faces of my cohort members who traveled from Singapore, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Maine and even Mill Valley, CA.  I am humbled and honored to be a part of this group. Our connections have deepened as we continue to experience masterful practices that cultivate  presence and connection with one another.  We have […]