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Public Program Participants

SIYLI’s open enrollment programs allow individuals, groups, and small teams to develop the mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills critical for personal and professional growth.

Our programs have been taught in over 50 countries by experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal development for more than 10 years.

What Our Participants Say

“Practical and inspiring program with easy-to-use tools and ideas. Through the process, I gained useful insights and awareness that surprised, amazed and moved me.”

Jenny Fisher, Allen-Fisher P/L

“We have not only learnt about a variety or practices we can use to make our lives and the lives of our close ones better, but also shared experiences, vulnerabilities and made connections” 

Program Participant

“The program was interesting, relevant and thought-provoking. I left feeling inspired to be more proactive about introducing some of the tools into my daily work.”

Program Participant

“Felt like I had tools that I could implement into my everyday life. Previously, I was overwhelmed with not knowing what to do, but the micro-practices have taught me that I don't need vast amounts of time to practice mindfulness.”

Program Participant

Our Methodology

How do we create transformational experiences?  All of our programs are:

  • Highly Interactive: Whether in-person or online, our programs are a blend of content and interaction.
  • Experiential: We don’t just share the information, but create a safe learning environment for you to experience it
  • Immediately Applicable: Our programs are highly practical, equipping you with tangible skills that you can easily integrate into your life.
  • Evidence-based: Based on the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, our programs are regularly updated as new research becomes available.
  • Led by Expert Teachers: All our teachers are experts in their fields and have gone through a multi-month long intensive training to be certified to teach our programs.
  • Taught in Community: Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world who share a vision for leading with compassion.
  • Proven and improved: With over a decade of experience, we measure the impact our programs have had in changing people’s lives.
Public Program Participants

Our Core Programs

Search Inside Yourself

Originally developed at Google by an engineer with support from experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership and emotional intelligence, SIY helps you develop the emotional intelligence skills necessary to be an effective leader at home and at work.

Attend the program that started it all.


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Effective Teaming
Adaptive Resilience

Interested in joining as a group?  We offer special discounts to groups of 3 or more to all of our programs!

“I was focused during the entire program! Nothing could distract me as it usually happens in daily life. I could see that I am passionate about the topic of leadership and mindfulness. I am feeling encouraged to make changes in my life that before I wasn't feeling so much!”

Program Participant

“SIY was refreshing, and opened a whole new way of approaching life. I arrived anxious and left calm and peaceful.” 

Program Participant

“If you are looking for a virtual delivery program that will raise the bar in leadership and emotional intelligence for your people, I can't recommend the online SIY program enough!”

Senior Director of Culture and Engagement, Fortune 500 Company

“SIY provided space and time for myself to breathe - in every sense. I feel like my shoulders are about 2 inches lower than they were before the course. I'm looking at myself in the mirror with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.”

Program Participant

Upcoming Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

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