Alumni Video Project

Thank you for your interest in helping us tell the story of how SIY impacts people's lives.  You'll find all the information you need to create and submit your videos below:

Submission instructions and thank you gift

When complete, please upload your submission here.

Submissions are due by Monday, September 25th

Once we receive the submission, we’ll send you a confirmation email and a thank you gift:
Access to 28 new guided meditations that we just released this Spring!  

Please name your video file with your name and email, like this: name_email

e.g. luke_skywalker_jedi_at_gmaildotcom

This will allow us to identify you and send you the thank you gift!

What we’re looking for:

A  short video of yourself sharing a story about how you’ve applied a concept you learned at SIY or how SIY has impacted your life.  

We are mostly looking for short videos (approx. 30 seconds), but are open to a few longer videos (no more than 2 minutes) if you want to provide more context for the before and after.  If you want to share multiple stories or lessons, please record an individual video for each.

1. How SIY has impacted your life:

Examples might be:

  • Improved work relationships
  • Improved family or friend relationships
  • Better focus
  • Less stress
  • Increase in compassion or understanding of others
  • Ability to manage conflict by thinking about others’ perspectives
  • Or anything else!

2. How you have successfully applied a practice from SIY:

Examples might be:

  • Daily meditation
  • Journaling
  • Mindful Listening
  • Difficult Conversations
  • SBNRR (Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, Respond)
  • Compassion
  • Micropractices
  • Or anything else you learned and applied!


Share any other personal insight that you think participants would find helpful. Please be as specific as you can sharing about what you learned or gained from the program, and the impact it has had for you.

Sample Videos

Telling your story:

Below are some tips for sharing your story and some examples of how you might begin a video.  These are guidelines to help you think about what you might share, please make it personal and specific to your own experience.  

From the heart.     

  • Before you start recording, take a moment to connect with why this story is important to you.  How can you convey the emotional impact of your story?  

Have fun!     

  • This is not a work presentation!  It’s okay to smile, be silly, animated, or playful if that feels good to you.  As we say at SIY, we like to be seriously silly.

Story Elements.     

  • What specifically happened and what you noticed about the experience.
  • A reflection on how Search Inside Yourself prompted this new or different way of thinking.
  • If it feels natural, use language that you learned from the program such as “moving from autopilot to aware,” “developing high resolution awareness,” etc.

Style Points!

  • Speak slowly!
  • Articulate your words!

Also, if you have trouble getting through your story without stumbling over your words, that’s okay.  If you make a mistake, just pause for a moment and then keep going.  We’ll edit the pieces together.

Tips for recording the video:

Choose your recording device.

  • Mobile phone - please make sure you record in the landscape position (aka horizontal)
  • Digital camera, laptop, or other device

Quiet Place.  

  • Find a quiet place in the office or at home to record yourself where your audio will be clearly recorded without unnecessary background noise.  
  • Try to have a plain or uncluttered background (e.g. a blank wall, a wall with a piece of art or a plant).  We want the focus to be on you, and not on everything around you!

Shaky hands = Anxious viewers!  

  • If possible, use a tripod.  Otherwise, prop your recording device on something stable so you don’t need to hold it.  Arms get tired!

 Light and Shadows.

  • We’d like to see you!  Make sure lighting is coming from in front of you, not behind.
  • Avoid filming in front of windows as that may cause your lovely face to be in shadows.


  • Just like beautiful art deserves a good frame, so do you!  Try to zoom in so that your torso and head are in frame.  We’re sure that you have really nice shoes, but we don’t need to see them for this project.

Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Before you record your whole story, do a 10-15 second video test so you can check to make sure you’ve covered all the suggestions above.

As our community continues to grow, we value the chance to listen to how SIY is impacting your habits.

Thank you for sharing your story - we look forward to hearing it!

~ the SIY Team